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Striker Videos

Commercials and Demonstration Videos

STRIKER Simple Sucker - Rick DeMuro KTLA5

Click the image to the left to watch the KTLA5 News tech editor review our Simple Sucker Flexible Smartphone Mount as one of his favorite gadgets! "Every month our tech guy is on the lookout for fun, unique and useful gadgets. This month Rich DeMuro is sharing some of his favorite back to school finds, including a gadget that lets you stick your smartphone anywhere."


STRIKER Simple Sucker - KHQ NBC

Watch "TeQ Talk" on KHQ NBC with Cory Howard. The 'Simple Sucker' Makes Smartphone Life Much Easier! See Cory review the Simple Sucker using three performance tests. Fortunately for us it passes all three with flying colors.


STRIKER Simple Sucker - Animation

Click the image to the left to watch an informative animation of what the Simple Sucker can do for you! The Simple Sucker allows you to easily mount the device to your desk, treadmill, windshield, countertop, or any smooth surface. Simply bend your Simple Sucker, with phone attached, into a comfortable viewing position and start playing videos, podcasts, or music. It’s also great to keep an eye on tweets, update notifications, texts, or casual web surfing. Just mount it to the coffee table, sit back and relax. Use it for hands free skype calls, speakerphone calls, or with your phone’s GPS.


STRIKER Light Mine Professional - Demo Video

Click the image to the left to see the video of our innovative magnetic hands free flashlight featuring Terri Pelchat, the beautiful Striker Product tester! Based on the hugely successful original, the Magnetic Light Mine, Striker has created a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version called the Light Mine Professional. The functionally designed protruding posts give the light an underwater naval mine appearance and can be used as tripods or quad-pods creating a 360 degree freestanding light.


STRIKER FLEXiT Light - Television Commercial

Click the image to the left to see the Striker FLEXiT Light television commercial. See the FLEXiT in action; on the jobsite and at home, at work and at play, bending the light to focus or flaring the silicone body to flood light. The FLEXiT can be bent, wrapped, folded, stuck, or hooked to nearly any object.


STRIKER FLEXiT Light - Demo Video

Click the image to the left to see the Striker FLEXiT Light demo video with Terri Pelchat, the beautiful Striker Product tester


STRIKER- Magnetic LED Light

Smaller than a golf ball, the new Striker Magnetic LED Light is a powerful spotlight that can be used almost anywhere you need illumination. It has an intensely bright, wide angle LED and 12 powerful rare earth (neodymium) magnets that allow you to stick it to any steel surface and aim the light towards the workspace at almost any angle.

Click the Image on the left to view the commercial featuring Jaime Estrada.

STRIKER- Mechanical Carpenter Pencil

The Striker is a revolutionary mechanical carpenters’ pencil that is quickly replacing the traditional carpenter's pencil on the job site.  There has been almost no innovation to the traditional carpenters pencil since the 17th century, despite the fact that carpenter's pencils are used by nearly all trades in the construction industry, including DIY, on a daily basis.  If all your other tools evolved as slowly as your primary marking device, you would all be pounding in nails with a rock.

Click the Image on the left to view the commercial featuring Rachel Robbins. It's funny, informative and to the point.